Auditions -


Calendar Girls


Written by Tim Firth   Directed by Judith Boyd




Where: The LIND Theatre Nambour

When: Tuesday 29th August at 7pm  

Call back:  Friday 1st September at 7pm  

An Audition piece is required:

Prepare a presentation, which must be at least one minute long, but no longer than three minutes.

Imagine you are speaking to a group of W.I. Women

Props may be used if needed, but present a talk on something you love or are passionate about...
Try to make it as amusing as possible, with the main criteria to keep us listening and wanting more.
This is not to be "ACTING" but to be yourself.


Roles are for at least 8 women (would prefer 10) and at least 3 men (can use 4)

Women roles are between the ages of 20/70 and men from 20/60

Note: 6 of the women must be prepared to remove their clothes on stage, but with all assurance that the audience will only see what is appropriate.

Please don't be put off. Any body shape will be fine.


Judith Boyd

Production Manager

The Lind, Nambour

Enquiries: 0414 743 383