2015 AGM

If you wish a copy of the 2015 AGM minutes please email your request to thelind.secretary@gmail.com  thank you

2014 AGM


Minutes for AGM  Tuesday 18 March 2014


OPENED:         7.20pm

PRESENT:        Colin Grevett, Kathi Morse, Gwen Griffin, Denise Campbell, Errol Morrison, Anne Grant, Lea-Anne Grevett, Owen Hardman, Chris Mills, Deb Mills, Glenda Campi, Nerine Taylor, Pamela Burchall, Nell Davis, Darren Smith, Denise Corbin, Sean McBride, Ngaire Tombs

APOLOGIES/PROXIES:            Julian White, Kirsty White, Jo Denver, Michelle Connelly, Gary Caswell, Tamara Caswell, Joy Marshall, Annette Wilson, Peter Wilson, Jane Rivers, Bob Grant


Motion: That the apologies be accepted

Proposed:   Kathi        Second:    Glenda    Carried


Motion:            That the minutes of the last meeting be taken as a true & correct representation

Proposed:  Kathi    Second:  Chris     Carried



President, Colin Grevett, presented his report.

First I would like to thank members & guests for attending tonight’s AGM. 

As predicted the last twelve months was quite busy for our theatre & the next twelve months looks to be even busier.

I would like to acknowledge the tremendous support of the committee & friends of the theatre that have helped our Theatre through to a successful result with both budget & production. I will refrain from thanking any one person for their contribution as with an organization like this it takes a great deal of effort and teamwork from all involved to achieve a successful result.  And this has been an excellent team to work with.

Over the last year we have pushed forward with The LIND brand. New signage is being erected to raise the awareness of the theatre.  New and varying events are being brought into the theatre by utilizing the talents and resources of groups outside of our own membership. All of this introduces new patrons and raises the profile of our theatre.

The $5 membership seems to have been a popular move as we had over 200 members for 2013. Production wise we seemed to have had a good balance of shows all of which were successful in their own right. We are in a phase of upgrading at the moment with new auditorium lighting, sound equipment, storage facilities & signage already started with more to come.     

My vision for the Theatre has not wavered from that of previous years, ensuring a balanced budget, responsible governance of assets and an increased variety of entertainment & events for the members & to create a friendly & warming atmosphere for all patrons & members.   This again has been a FUN place to be for the past twelve months & I look forward to another FUN year of contributing to the continued success of this Theatre.

Thank you again   Colin Grevett   President.

Motion: That the report be accepted

Proposed:   Colin           Second:     Errol     Carried



Treasurer, Gwen Griffin, presented her report.

Motion: That the Treasurer’s report be accepted

Proposed:  Gwen       Second:    Anne    Carried



Number of committee members are to be total of 12 positions

Motion: That the Lind Lane Committee have 8 general committee members in 2014

Proposed:   Denise         Second:   Chris     Carried



The incoming 2014/2015 committee is as follows:

PRESIDENT                 COLIN GREVETT          



SECRETARY                KATHI MORSE   

COMMITTEE                 Julian White                

COMMITTEE                 Anne Grant      

COMMITTEE                 Denise Campbell    

COMMITTEE                 Glenda Campi               

COMMITTEE                 Owen Hardman          

COMMITTEE                 Chris Mills            

COMMITTEE                 Deb Mills